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Posted on January 16 2022



We've all been there. One of the most requested things we get is 'closet help'. The start of a new year is the perfect time to start getting your closet in shape. Getting dressed should be fun and exciting when picking an outfit to wear for the day. But we first have to clear out what we DON'T wear. Having that perfect capsule wardrobe isn't going to happen overnight. It takes time to build. Are you ready to get started with cleaning out your closet?!?

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We're going to start with this key principle...DRESS FOR THE BODY YOU HAVE NOW. Not the body you'd have if you lost weight, built some muscle, etc...the beautiful body you have NOW. Everything in your closet should be something you can wear now. Nothing is more deflating than staring at clothes that don't fit you. Get rid of them!



  • Designate a half-day, full-day, or a good block of time that works for you to dedicate to this task (it took us nearly a full-day)
  • Take some time to figure out what you like, create a Pinterest board of your ideal style, have a visual to refer to, the goal is to curate a wardrobe of your desired personal style
  • Get 2-3 boxes/totes, hangers if you need them, and any organizational items needed to make your closet work better for you
  • Plan to have some music and get your favorite coffee or beverage of choice

Ok, now this part is going to take the time commitment, but trust us, it's worth it... take EVERYTHING out of your closet and drawers. Yes, everything. Crank some music and get to work! Pile it all on the bed. Once everything is out, this is the perfect opportunity to dust, vacuum, add organizers, whatever it is to give you a clean blank slate. If everything all at once is just too daunting, our advice is to pick a section at a time. Do just your closet, or just one big dresser, but whatever you choose to start with, take everything out. And once that section is done. Go on to another. 

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Now don't forget our key principle!! Keeping in mind the body you have NOW, let's break down everything in your closet into three categories...


KEEP: items that fit you now and you actually wear. They are in good condition, fit your body well, you've worn them within the last 6-8 months, and you love them! This is also a perfect time to organize your clothes by color or style/type. If you have items that you haven't worn in a while but you just can't part with them yet, place them in a tote for storage, this is your "maybe" pile. See if you think about these items over the next 6 months or if you even miss them at all. And of course you'll have items that have true sentimental value, for sure keep those items.

DONATE: items that don't fit, aren't your style, out of style and not coming back, or you just haven't worn in at least a year. These are also items that are still in good shape and worth donating to a non-profit or selling if you choose to do so. Some great local organizations are Dress for Success and Family Services. Again, if it's something you just can't part with yet, place it in a tote for storage. Don't put it in your closet. We only want things in our closet that we are actually going to wear now.

TRASH: These are items that have a stain, a hole, a damage, etc. If it's something that can't be fixed, trash it. Don't waste space in your closet and drawers for useless items. If it can be repaired, make a pile specifically for that.

*now the key here is to not hang on to these last two categories. Find out when the next donation time is and take those items then. If you have some repairs, drop them off ASAP. Put trash items in. the. trash. Don't let these piles/boxes of items become clutter yet again.

Decluttering is hard. Clothes are so much more than just "clothes". We can have emotions tied to them, they can represent so many things. Decluttering clothes is about more than cleaning out your closet. You have to let go of the thoughts that hold you back.

If you need help identifying the emotions and “hooks” that are keeping you from letting go of certain clothes, try working through these questions. Bring an open mind and see what comes to the surface.

  1. Would you buy it again?
  2. How does it fit you? Not just the size, but actually "fit" your body shape. Try it on and see.
  3. When can you wear it? Are there opportunities in your life to wear this item?
  4. How do you feel when you wear it? Again, try it on and see if you love it.
  5. Does it fit your style and lifestyle?
  6. Does it need any repairs or have any damages?


After you've worked through these questions with each item, take note of what's in your keep pile and what you're getting rid of. Note any similarities within each pile? Certain styles? Do you gravitate towards certain colors? Have some gaps in your wardrobe that need filling (make notes of what you need)? Make note of it all and you may discover some certain style characteristics about yourself!

celebrate your wardrobe

 And when you're all done, POP some champagne! Celebrate all the hard work you just accomplished. And doesn't it feel good to get rid of the clutter? You should look forward to getting dressed for the day. It should be fun! You should love your outfit and feel confident. That's how the clothes in your closet should make you feel.