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Posted on February 24 2022



This is not an overnight process. And if you try to make it an overnight process you will undoubtedly end up with an even bigger mess than what you started with. It's going to take time, be patient. The following guidelines will help you in building your closet staples wardrobe...

  • DON'T RUSH THE PROCESS: it is important to buy quality items and items that will last. It's also important to make sure that you LOVE the item, both style and fit. Be patient and take your time in finding just that right item that you feel fabulous in.
  • HONE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE: remember the Pinterest board we created last month? Keep in mind your desired personal style and if the item doesn't mirror that, pass on it. Again, be patient and keep looking for that perfect staple piece.
  • BUY THE RIGHT SIZE: buy for the beautiful body you have now. If you can't wear it right now, don't buy it! The one caviate to this is jeans/pants. If length is the only issue and they just need hemmed, that's different. Sometimes hemming a pair of pants is the only option to get your perfect length.
build your wardrobe with chic clothing


Wardrobe staples are neutral pieces that rarely go out of style. They are mostly solid colors and can be mixed and matched easily with each other, or paired with current trends very easily. Season after season, year after year, these items continue to remain in style and serve as the building blocks of almost any wardrobe.

What we love about each of them, is not just the fact that they are extremely interchangeable but that they can be dressed up or down as well.

list of closet essentials for fashionable clothing

You may have a few things not listed that are closet staples to you (i.e. pencil skirt, a black suit, knee high boots, etc) and certainly add those in as you like. Now let's break everything down...


T-SHIRT: you’ll want some versatility with your t-shirts as they are a great building block for outfits. Crewnecks, v-necks, boyfriend, fitted, long sleeve, etc: whatever your preference is. Also, stick to your neutral colors: white, black, grey, neutral stripes.

WHITE BUTTON DOWN: This classic shirt is always in style! You can dress this up with a blazer or wear it casually just with a pair of jeans and you’ll look fabulous. You’ll always look polished wearing this shirt. Depending on your style you can decide what fit you like. It can be fitted, oversized, your personal preference. 

CHAMBRAY SHIRT: A chambray shirt is an easy win. This shirt is a wardrobe workhorse! The chambray looks like denim, yet is a beautiful color of blue that can go with several other items in your closet.

LAYERING TANK/BODYSUIT: We are a big fan of a simple tank bodysuit such as our COMMANDO Butter Tank bodysuit. It can be worn under any jacket, cardigan, blazer, or just simply on its own with a pair of jeans. Bodysuit not your jam? A good tank will work too.

NEUTRAL COLORED SWEATERS: The perfect sweater works with anything from a pair of old jeans to a satin skirt. Plain, cable knit, or turtleneck, don’t be afraid of stocking-up on this one.


GOOD FITTING DENIM: We all know jeans are essential. These come in all sorts of styles and washes (blue and black), so add your favorite pairs to your closet. There are skinny, bootcut, boyfriend, straight leg, just to name a few. Choose the ones that flatter you the best.

NICE BLACK LEGGINGS: Whether you are wearing them to the gym or sporting a sexy leather pair for a night out on the town, leggings have evolved into a closet essential and are extremely versatile. Not only that, but they’re comfy, practical (perfect for adding extra warmth to your outfit on a cold day), and well, pretty much a closet staple! We're personal fans of our COMMANDO Faux Leather leggings.

BASIC BLACK PANTS: Whether you are a working woman or not, having a pair of well-tailored dress pants in your closet is completely a wardrobe essential for women. It’s good to have at least one pair you love and might need for a moments notice within reach!


BLACK SATIN SLIP DRESS: The influence of a slip dress dates back to the 20´s when movie star Jean Harlow made the stylish women of her time fall in love with this bias-cut slinky number. Forever flattering, this dress can be styled numerous ways from casual to semi-formal.

SHIRT DRESS: The shirt dress is designed for both work and play. It truly is a versatile fashion item which can be embraced by women from all walks of life — wear it to the office, pair it with sneakers and denim jacket, or throw it over your swimsuit after a quick dip in the pool.


LEATHER (FAUX) JACKET: Classic, edgy and chic. What else would perfectly describe a leather jacket? For us, it’s always leather weather! Layer it with other pieces and it will always work. Throw it over a dress to add some edge or pair it with denim – you simply can’t go wrong. You can even throw it over your gym outfit for added style. A leather jacket instantly adds the ‘cool’ factor to any outfit.

DENIM JACKET: Often underestimated but if you know how to wear it – it’s literally the most versatile piece you’ll have and can be worn many days in a row always combined differently. If you don't have one yet, go for a classic, medium wash to start.

CARDIGAN: Cardigans are the hardworking, everyday pieces of your closet staples wardrobe. Perfect for making any look more interesting, cardigans are also a great transitional item going into warmer months from the colder ones, and back again. Since a cardigan is open, you can wear a solid color top underneath or even a patterned top or graphic tee. A good neutral one will go with practically any color or pattern.

BLAZER: Blazers look amazing paired with suiting pieces or not–which is what makes them so versatile. They enable any look to instantly become chic and classic. Wear them casual with a hoodie or dress it up over a satin slip dress.

TRENCH COAT: Everyone looks cool in a trench coat – fact. Whether you wear it for work or for a shopping day in town, the trench coat can change its attitude, just like that. As long as you find a trench that fits you perfectly, then you can wear it forever, in whatever color, fabric, or print you like (we're a fan of neutrals of course)!


ANKLE BOOTS: A solid pair of ankle boots can be worn from fall to spring and back again. Perfect for wearing with blazers, jeans, or dresses. There are plenty of styles around– it’s easy to find a pair that will give a different vibe to every outfit.

CLASSIC SNEAKERS: Sneakers (not the pair you wear to the gym) are the most comfortable shoe option you’ll have, however they no longer hold the casual feel that they used to. They’ve quickly made their way from street-style to smart-casual and are becoming more acceptable in many occasions, securing their well-deserved spot into the closet staples category. From a midi slip dress to some jeans and a white tee, classic neutral sneaks complement any fit.

NEUTRAL HEELS: It’s important to have heels in your closet that are both neutral and timeless. A classic style that is comfortable to wear (doesn't have to be a tall heel, think block heels too) that gives you options whenever you are getting dressed up.

SIMPLE SANDALS: So, let’s look at why the strappy sandal makes the wardrobe essential cut. A good neutral sandal that fits your foot well will go with any outfit by day and work great in the evening with a drapey black jumpsuit and a few layers of gold around your neck.


TOTE BAG: A good tote bag is just the bag when you need to "tote" everything and a small handbag just won't do. Therefore, its important to have one really well-made, large quality handbag that you can use and love on a day-to-day basis. Assess your own needs and then splurge on the right purse that you can love every day, too!

CROSSBODY BAG: A good crossbody bag is your everyday, hands-free bag. Embrace the crossbody bag as a way to lend edge and convenience to your look. And a good neutral color will work with most outfits. 

SMALL HOOP EARRINGS: A good pair of hoop earrings is a closet must-have. Hoops are popular because they're highly flattering and versatile. A pair of small to medium hoops in either gold or silver, will always compliment any outfit. 

CLASSIC SHAPE SUNGLASSES: We would bet that there is always a time when you need a pair of sunglasses. The same rule applies for sunnies; stick with classic shapes in neutral colors to stay in style forever. Classic styles tend to flatter every face shape, work with casual or dressy outfits, and never go out of style. Think aviator, wayfarer, or any classic square frame.