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Posted on August 02 2022



Sometimes one small change is all it takes to elevate your outfit and give it more personality and attitude. Now there are tons of tip, tricks, and ideas for adding style, but we wanted to simplify it down to our favorites. Here is our short list of tips and tricks to instantly elevate your look.


A favorite trick is to roll and/or push up your sleeves. It makes your outfit not feel so "stiff", but rather gives it an effortless, easy look. It's the easiest way to inject a little cool factor into even your most classic shirts. It's also the easiest trick for oversized tops/jackets. Rolling your sleeves can make an oversized top/jacket look more polished rather than overwhelming you with its size. This trick reveals the slimmest, most flattering part of the arm…the wrist and forearm. 


The main reason you want to tuck in your shirt is to visually create a waist. Tucking your shirt draws the eye up to your waist rather than leaving your body visually one long line. You can do just a front tuck, a half tuck, or a full tuck. The front tuck is probably one of the easiest ways to add style to our outfit. It’s popular, easy, and takes essentially no time to complete.

Another trick is to tie your shirt into a knot. This trick accomplishes the same goal as a tuck: visually creating a waist. You can tie your t-shirt into a knot or tie the tails of your button-up shirt. Tuck or tie, you're adding instant style.


Layering on extra elements can elevate an otherwise basic outfit, making you look more stylish and put together. Layering can take an outfit from plain to perfect. You can layer with a jacket, a sweater, a vest, multiple necklaces, or even a belt. Layering can even mean wearing a slip dress over a t-shirt. Get creative with how you layer. Try layering a belt over your oversized shirts, blazers, or outerwear. It defines your shape and highlights your waist. However you layer, adding an extra element or two instantly makes you look more stylish and chic.

Our personal favorites for layering are a blazer, a leather jacket, and a denim jacket. These three are wardrobe essentials (see our closet staples blog). Layering one of these over a simple jeans and t-shirt or even your gym clothes, will add instant style and intention to an otherwise plain outfit.


Always. Try to wear at least one accessory, whether it’s jewelry, a chic bag, a belt, a scarf, or a great pair of sunglasses (or all of the above). A solid statement piece can take an ensemble from ho-hum to a stand-out in seconds. Accessories make your outfit look intentional, even if you're just wearing loungewear. They take your outfit from good to great. Therefore, it’s important to invest in good accessories and remember to wear them. Stylish shoes, bags, hats, sunglasses, and jewelry are all essential items to own and wear for a fashionable finishing touch.

Being able to dress chic and stylish every day is a skill that can be difficult to master.  While these tips & tricks may seem small and simple, these handy tips will revolutionize the way that you dress on a daily basis. Whether you’re headed to work, out for drinks, or even to Sunday brunch, these advice gems are sure to see you looking fashionable and fabulous every time you step out of the house.